Harsh Vardhan Dutta

A Story and the Man: Novel


About the book

There is a past to every journey, a past that can be looked with different perspectives - painful, joyful, horrendous, beautiful, or with any other apt adjective. After all, all that is happening or happens can be described in myriad ways.

A Story and the Man is a work of fiction which borrows heavily from everyday life. A young man with ambition, a child with stigma, a seeker with questions – there are many of us in our singular selves. The book is a peek into human relations, its exaggerations, its underwhelming prowess, its utopian imaginations and abysmal realities.

Set to release soon, the novel is an easy-on-eye kaleidoscope of characters that we have encountered at some time or the other. You will find zealous friends, tantalising sweethearts, a bullying boss & ruthless entrepreneur, overwhelming mother, and the Man himself.


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